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News, insights and ideas from the Go4 team

Athletic Trainers

7 Tax Tips for Per Diem Athletic Trainers

Being a per diem athletic trainer requires enough juggling with your full-time schedule, keeping athletes healthy, and communicating with parents or coaches.And then tax season hits.Don’t let it get you sidelined. Here are 7 things you need to know to get more deductions and keep more money in your…

Athletic Trainers

Food Insecurity, Explained

How often does the topic of food insecurity come across your desk, or table? We teamed up with Temple University’s Elizabeth Neil PhD, LAT, ATC and Jamie L. Mansell, PhD, LAT, ATC to discuss. For many of us, we face a series of daily decisions concerning what we are going…

Athletic Trainers

Combating Food Insecurity with Indiana State University’s DAT Program

When you hear the phrase “Food Insecurity”, what comes to mind? What population do you think of first? And how are they impacted? Check out the latest blog, Combating Food Insecurity with Indiana State University’s DAT Program from our partners at ISU (Where Go4 account-holders can get their DAT…

Athletic Trainers

The Legal Landscape of Youth Sports Safety: A Go4 Examination

In an era where scrutiny over the welfare of young athletes has intensified, the awareness surrounding liability and responsibility of sports organizers has grown. Multiple cases revealing insufficient preparedness or affirmative negligence by sports entities has underscored the life-altering injuries young participants face. But beyond the ethical duty to…

Athletic Trainers

AT Spotlight: Melissa Gresham, a Travel Athletic Trainer

Thinking about taking a Travel AT contract job, but want to hear about someone else’s travel experience first? Check out this Travel Athletic Trainer Spotlight. Meet Melissa Gresham, a former college athletic trainer who is now working as a Travel AT and enjoying the benefits that come with…

Athletic Trainers

Athletic Trainer Account Profile and Preferences – Matchmaker

The Go4 app connects athletic trainers with the per diem (and Travel) jobs that ATs want to work. But how do we make sure ATs are seeing jobs that are relevant to them? With the new Athletic Trainer Account Profile and Preferences on Go4. Log into the…

Athletic Trainers

The Haunted House for Athletic Trainers

Simulations in the Indiana State University’s DAT program What would a haunted house for athletic trainers look like? Lots of blood, compound fractures, and multiple patients? Well if you’ve done your DAT at Indiana State University, it’s going to be tough to scare you. Check out this article from ISU’s…

Athletic Trainers

5 Tips for Bad Weather Communication to your Event Participants

Managing communications around adverse weather is crucial for maintaining trust, safety and satisfaction of tournament attendees. Here are 5 Tips for Bad Weather Communication to your Event Participants: 1. BE PROACTIVE When to Communicate: Communicate the possibility of bad weather as soon as it is identified, allowing attendees to make informed…

Athletic Trainers

How to Manage Concussions in the Industrial Setting

by: Shelby Pocius MS, LAT, ATC, CEAS III, ITAT, PES, NASE-CSS Concussions that occur in the industrial setting are like those that happen in athletics. Athletic trainers are equipped to safely handle and manage those cases until they can resume normal activity as we are in the athletic world.

Athletic Trainers

Introduction to the Vestibular Ocular Motor Screening (VOMS): Concussion Series with Nick Pfeifer, EdM, ATC

As September wraps up, checkout this article from Nick Pfeifer, EdM, ATC on Vestibular/Ocular-Motor Screening. And while you’re at it, get all of Go4’s concussion resources, from symptoms sheets for coaches/players to VOMS and BCTT logs for your athletic training room. To get all of the concussion resources, just…

Athletic Trainers

Alumni Spotlight: Indiana State University DAT Program, Dr. Brittany James, DAT, LAT, ATC

If you’ve been paying attention to our socials or your inbox, you know that Go4 has teamed up with Indiana State University to become a preferred partner. And that means benefits like in-state tuition and expedited transcript reviews for Go4 community members looking to pursue their DAT. To learn…

download the buffalo concussion treadmill test log and protocol
Athletic Trainers

Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test: Concussion Series with Nick Pfeifer, EdM, ATC

Including Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test Log and Protocol Go4 is spending the month of September focused on concussions. From symptoms sheets for coaches/players to VOMS and BCTT logs for your athletic training room, we’ve got you covered, so that you’ve your athletes covered. To get all of the concussion resources,…