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News, insights and ideas from the Go4 team


New at Go4

Want to know what is new at Go4? We’ll keep a running list of new features and releases, pinned to the top of our blog. We’ll stay transparent, and you get access to the only nationwide marketplace for hiring athletic trainers. July 10, 2024 Job Poster Experience ACH Available for…

Athletic Trainers

CAATE Resident Spotlight: Clarissa Alexander

Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) Resident Features Clarissa Alexander who completed her athletic training residency at St Luke’s University Health Network, a CAATE-accredited athletic training residency program. Clarissa is passionate about her residency experience and shared the following insights:  Q: What factors influenced your decision to pursue…

Athletic Trainers

4 Improvements to the EMR

New go4 emr concussion flow

Job Poster

5 Things To Get More Athletic Trainer Applications

5 Things To Get More Athletic Trainer Applications We surveyed, interviewed and talked with hundreds of athletic trainers about picking up jobs on Go4. Based on some common themes in those chats, we created this list of 5 things that athletic trainers look for in a job listing on the…

Athletic Trainers

7 Best Practices For Working PRN Shifts

7 Best Practices For Working PRN Shifts We surveyed, interviewed and talked with hundreds of job posters on the platform about game day operations with the ATs they hired through Go4. Based on some common themes and feedback, we developed this list of 7 Best Practices For Working PRN Shifts.

Athletic Trainers

5 Tips for Sun Safety

5 Tips for Sun Safety in Youth Sports As the sunny days roll in and the sports fields call your name, it’s essential to gear up not only with your equipment but also with some serious sun protection. Whether you’re dribbling on the basketball court, scoring goals on the soccer…

Athletic Trainers

The Importance of the DAT

By:  Dr. Lindsey Eberman Is what we really want, more money… or are we chasing joy in the wrong way? In the last decade, the professional of athletic training has changed drastically. In addition to a degree-level change for entry into practice, there has been the proliferation…


Athletic Trainer Education

Athletic trainers are the healthcare professionals who keep athletes in the game. They prevent injuries, manage rehabilitation, and ensure athletes return to peak performance safely. But what kind of education do athletic trainers need to become this vital part of the sports medicine team? The foundation for a career in…


Athletic Trainer Certifications

Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating musculoskeletal injuries in athletes and physically active individuals. They play a vital role in keeping athletes safe and on the field. But what qualifications do they need? The key to a successful career as an athletic trainer lies…


Why the Go4 platform is the best place to hire PRN Athletic Trainers

Finding certified athletic trainers (ATs) can be a challenge. Go4 steps up as a game-changer, connecting organizations with a nationwide network of certified athletic trainers for PRN and long-term jobs. But what makes Go4 the best platform for hiring athletic trainers? Let’s explore the key features: Extensive Network, Effortless…

Athletic Trainers


Memorial Day Weekend is a hazy memory, and you’re ready to pick up some extra cash before that bachelor/bachelorette party/cousin’s wedding/weekend vacation/concert/trip you’ve been planning for months but haven’t saved for just yet. As you scroll through the app and pick a couple of gigs, here are the top 10…


Go4 is the place for Athletic Trainer PRN

Are you a certified athletic trainer (AT) looking for flexible PRN work? Look no further than Go4, the premier platform connecting certified athletic trainers with exciting job opportunities nationwide. Whether you crave the high-pressure environment of professional sports or prefer the camaraderie of high school athletics, Go4 empowers you to…


How to become an NFL Athletic Trainer

So you dream of working on the sidelines with elite athletes, keeping them in peak condition for the NFL season. Becoming an athletic trainer for the NFL is a challenging but rewarding path. But how to become an NFL Athletic Trainer? Academic Foundation: Bachelor’s Degree: Aim for an undergraduate…