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AT per diem on your terms

  • Pick your hours
  • Pick your rates
  • Per diem, long term and Travel
  • Connect with over 20k other ATs

Sign Up/Work/Get Paid

Create an account, upload your credentials and start getting paid. It’s that easy.

Per Diem Jobs

Take control of your schedule. Earn extra or meet your financial goals with daily shifts available near you.

  • Set your own schedule
  • Set preferences for jobs you like
  • Get paid via direct deposit

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Travel Jobs

Take control of your career. Travel positions let you explore new areas or settings while being paid for every minute you work.

  • Among the highest rates in the country
  • Overtime paid at 1.5x
  • CEUs, Student Loan Reimbursement & more

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Safety Built-in

The Go4 Athletic Trainer App’s built-in safety features help you do your job at your best.

Sideline-Ready EMR

The Go4 App includes a sideline-ready, HIPAA compliant EMR that can be used with Go4 shifts, non-Go4 shifts and your regular 9 to 5. Learn more about the EMR here.


Go4 has a built-in Emergency Action Plan (EAP) generator that locates the nearest hospital, emergency services, and provides job posters with their contact information.

PL + GL Insurance

Get Professional Liability + General Liability Insurance directly in the Go4 app. A policy that actually protects you and was created in collaboration with athletic trainers.

PLI and General Liability in one 

Get a PLI and General Liability policy—in one—from Players Health through the Go4 app!

Created by Athletic Trainers, specifically for Athletic Trainers

The only PLI and General Liability policy for the price of a PLI-only policy

Covers you at work and during per diem

Backed by Players Health, a sports insurance industry leader


What do I need to pick up work?

It’s easy! Download the Go4 app and quickly create your account. Upload your State/National Credentials and your PLI. Jobs will populate in your feed based on your zip code and you can set additional preferences to see jobs that match your needs. Apply, confirm, work, get direct deposit after the shift!

What if this job goes longer than expected?

Not to worry! As an athletic trainer on Go4, you will get paid for every hour that you work, even if the job goes into overtime. Using the shift modification feature, you can submit a shift extension via the app up to 12 hours after your job finished.

How else can I make money as an athletic trainer?

Schedule not allowing for any per diem gigs this week? Not a problem–open the Go4 app and click the referral button in the menu. Submit a lead, and when that job runs, you earn $125!