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April 2, 2024

Job Poster Experience

The Job Poster experience was completely overhauled to provide Go4 users with a simplified platform for hiring ATs and managing jobs.

Job Poster Dashboard

The new dashboard calls attention to essential actions. There are four sections: Applicants to Review, Shifts w/ No Applications, Shift Modifications, and AT Feedback Requests. Additionally, we added a Resource Feed, and all views in the platform were rebuilt including Drafts, Upcoming Jobs, and the Finance report.

Job Postings

Direct user feedback was used to redesign Job postings to be more intuitive for those who create them, and more informational for the athletic trainers who view them. 

Custom Credential Requirements

Job Posters can add additional credential requirements to a job so ATs know what they need before they apply. This will eliminate back-and-forth communication before the job.

Supplies/Equipment Checklist

A new supplies/equipment checklist will clarify what the hiring organization will / will not provide for athletic trainers. 

Pricing Flexibility

Pay rates can be set per shift. This is helpful for multi-day events since a shift’s duration, day of the week, and times impact its attractiveness for ATs. 

Athletic Trainer Profiles/Applications

Enhanced athletic trainer profiles better inform hiring decisions. More information was added to showcase past experience and Go4 work history.

New additions to athletic trainer profiles include a Reliability Score, which compares the number of jobs worked vs. Callouts (previously labeled Decommits), and the most recent rating that a Job Poster gave the AT. Ratings (Would you hire this AT again?) are kept private and are only shown to the organization that provides the rating. 

Hiring Deadlines

We’ve addressed the #1 piece of feedback— the hiring workflow takes too long. Now, job posters have 7 days to accept an athletic trainer’s application before it expires, and athletic trainers must confirm a job within 24 hours of being accepted. 

Athletic Trainer Experience

More insights into a job. Job postings will be more descriptive and include expanded job details, supplies & equipment lists, and custom credential requirements. Additionally, applications will be accepted or, unfortunately, expire after seven days. Athletic trainers must confirm a job within 24 hours of being accepted.

Callout Policy & Reliability Score

Decommits were changed to Callouts. Callouts are tracked on an athletic trainer’s profile if they call out from a confirmed job within seven days of when it starts. Callouts are used in an AT’s Reliability Score, which Job Posters see as part of a job application. Reliability Scores compare the number of jobs worked to the number of callouts.

Marketplace Feedback

Job Posters can provide feedback on athletic trainers who work for their organizations. The feedback is not shared with the AT or other organizations, but the rating (Would I hire this AT again?) will be visible on the AT’s profile when they apply for future jobs with the same organization.

Similarly, athletic trainers can provide feedback on the organizations they work for. The feedback is not shared with the organization. Go4 uses the feedback to improve our platform and create content for the athletic training community, creating a better environment for all involved.

Job Marketing

New “Big Money Shift” alerts notify local athletic trainers when a job is posted at $50 or more per hour. These shifts are filled faster than regular shifts. Additionally, athletic trainers are sent a special alert for high-paying jobs posted within two days of their start time.


Athletic trainers can earn money on Go4 without even working a job. They submit referrals on the Go4 app, and when a referral hires through Go4, the referring athletic trainer gets paid.