Go4’s Upgraded Platform Launches

At Go4.io, we’re always striving to enhance our platform to better serve the athletic training community.  We’re thrilled to announce that this version 3.0 of the Go4 platform is live, packed with new features and improvements designed to revolutionize the way organizations hire athletic trainers and mitigate safety risks. View Go4’s upgraded platform.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

New Job Creation Experience:

We’ve redesigned the job creation process to make it more intuitive and flexible for all types of organizations. Posting a job on Go4 is easier than ever, ensuring all job posts are informative and attractive to athletic trainers. 

Redesigned Job Creation Process
Redesigned Dashboard:

Our new dashboard provides job posters with a centralized hub to manage all jobs in one place. The new design calls attention to actions that need to be taken: Applicants to Review, Unfilled Jobs that need a Rate Boost, Shift Modification Requests, and AT Feedback (brand new feature.) 

this is an image of the upgraded dashboard for job posters on Go4.io
New Dashboard for Job Posters
Supplies Checklist:

To help athletic trainers better prepare for a shift, we’ve introduced a supplies and equipment checklist feature. Job posters will create a checklist of supplies they will provide for the shift, ensuring athletic trainers know what will be on-site for them to use. 

Supplies & Equipment Checklist as part of job creation

Informational Job Posts:

Athletic training jobs span different industries and have different responsibilities and expectations. Athletic trainers want to know as much as possible before applying, and job posters want to hire an AT who understands and is qualified for the job.

That’s why we’ve introduced information-rich job posts, allowing organizations to provide more detailed information about a shift, custom credential requirements, supplies provided, and more. The more detailed a job posting is, the more likely it is to get applicants best suited for the job. 

Collapsable sections as part of the new Job Listing on the Go4 App
Job details in the app showing the equipment supplies list
Hiring Timelines:

Knowing when to expect a response after applying for a job is crucial for athletic trainers. And with Go4’s double-confirmation process, job posters need ATs to confirm in a timely manner after they are accepted. 

Our new hiring timelines enforce responses within set timelines, otherwise, applications will expire. 

Job Posters have seven days to accept an application before it expires. // Athletic Trainers have 24 hours to confirm a job after being accepted.
Job Posters have seven days to accept an application before it expires. // Athletic Trainers have 24 hours to confirm a job after being accepted.
Reliability Scores:

Having someone back out from a job is an unfortunate part of any hiring situation. There is no way to prevent this entirely, but we are changing our approach.

Decommits have been relabeled as Callouts and are tracked on an AT’s profile when a Callout is made within seven days of a shift start date. Additionally, athletic trainers now have a new Reliability Score visible to job posters as part of their application. This score informs the hiring organization of the AT’s work history by comparing the number of jobs worked to the number of callouts. 

Updated Athletic Trainer Profile

At Go4, our mission is to connect the athletic training community to ensure participant safety across all settings and industries. With our platform update, we’re excited to take another step toward realizing that vision.