As the largest job board in the country for athletic trainers, is not just a marketplace; it’s a movement. A movement towards better opportunities, fairer wages, and greater control over one’s professional journey. And that’s why Go4 doesn’t set a minimum rate.

1. The Power of the Marketplace

At Go4, we believe in the natural dynamics of supply and demand. Over the past three years, this belief has been validated by an impressive increase in hourly rates on our platform by over $10, reaching an average of $49.11. 

This isn’t just a number—it’s a testament to the strength of a marketplace that truly values the services of athletic trainers. 

By allowing the market to dictate the rates, we’ve seen a significant upward trend that benefits both ATs and those seeking their expertise. 

This is a direct result of our commitment to letting the marketplace do what it does best: equilibrate in a way that rewards quality and expertise.

2. Empowerment through Choice

Choice is a powerful thing. 

At Go4, we empower ATs by giving them the freedom to decide which jobs to take—and which to pass on. 

We understand that each athletic trainer has unique circumstances, preferences, and financial needs. Some may opt for a job with a rate that others might consider “low,” but for that athletic trainer, it could be the right choice at that moment. 

This flexibility is crucial; it respects the professionalism and autonomy of ATs, allowing them to make decisions that best suit their lives and careers.

3. The Go4 < > Athletic trainer partnership is working.

The success of Go4 as the largest job board for athletic trainers in the country isn’t just about numbers. 

It’s about what those numbers represent: a thriving community of professionals who are gaining more control over their careers, earning what they deserve, and finding opportunities that match their skills and aspirations. 

Our platform’s setup is instrumental in driving the wage increases that athletic trainers seek, reflecting a larger trend towards fairer, more transparent, and more empowering professional landscapes.

We are not just connecting organizations with ATs; we are shaping an ecosystem where excellence is recognized, rewarded, and sought after. 

By embracing the principles of marketplace dynamics, choice, and resistance to price anchoring, we’re not just making a difference—we’re setting a new standard.

At Go4, our mission is to connect the athletic training community to ensure participant safety across all settings and industries. With our upcoming platform update, we’re excited to take another step toward realizing that vision.

That’s why Go4 doesn’t set a minimum rate.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we approach the launch of our new platform this April.

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