Are you a certified athletic trainer (AT) looking for flexible PRN work? Look no further than Go4, the premier platform connecting certified athletic trainers with exciting job opportunities nationwide. Whether you crave the high-pressure environment of professional sports or prefer the camaraderie of high school athletics, Go4 empowers you to find the perfect fit. Here’s why Go4 stands out, and why Go4 is the place to for Athletic Trainer PRN

Your Fingertips:

Go4 understands that ATs value control over their schedules. Their user-friendly app allows you to browse per diem jobs and select shifts that align with your availability. Need a quick weekend gig? Go4 has you covered. Want to work a full season with a local team? The platform can connect you with those opportunities too.

Diverse Job Openings:

Go4 caters to a wide range of athletic trainer settings. You can find openings with professional sports teams, colleges, high schools, youth leagues, and even corporate wellness programs, warehouses, clinical or circus PRN (yes, really, circus!). This variety makes sure you can leverage your skills and experience in the environment that excites you most.

Streamlined Job Applications:

Gone are the days of tedious applications. Go4 simplifies the process by allowing you to create a profile showcasing your credentials and experience. Employers can easily view your qualifications and accept your application. They have 7 days to accept or reject your app so that you’re not left guessing. You then have 24 hours to confirm you’re working the shift after they accept you.

Safety, For ATs by ATs:

Go4 prioritizes the safety and well-being of both athletic trainers and the athletes they care for. The platform offers built-in features like:

  • Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) & General Liability Insurance: Every AT on Go4 needs to carry their own PLI, providing peace of mind for both you and the employer. You can generate a quote and purchase a combined Professional Liability and General Liability Insurance policy from PlayersHealth, right in the app. Or, upload your existing policy to get started.
  • Sideline-Ready EMR: Go4’s app features a HIPAA-compliant Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, allowing you to efficiently document injuries and treatment plans. You follow best practices without chasing paper across a windy venue.
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Generator: Go4 generates an EAP for each job posting. Job Posters can list supplies including AEDs, Ice, Water and more. The auto-generated EAP contains vital information like nearest hospital and emergency services locations and contact information.
Competitive Pay and Benefits:

Go4 does not set the rates–you do! Athletic trainers select jobs that fit their preferred pay rate, and ignore ones that don’t. This marketplace feature means rates on Go4 often exceed traditional hourly wages.

Continuous Learning Opportunities:

The athletic training field is constantly evolving. Go4 recognizes this and strives to support athletic trainers with educational and templated resources. You also get member benefits like enormous discounts on your DAT should you be interested in pursuing it!

With its focus on flexibility, diverse job opportunities, and high hourly rates for PRN, Go4 is the ultimate platform for athletic trainers seeking gig or full-time work. Make your account below to take control of your athletic training career!