5 Things To Get More Athletic Trainer Applications

We surveyed, interviewed and talked with hundreds of athletic trainers about picking up jobs on Go4. Based on some common themes in those chats, we created this list of 5 things that athletic trainers look for in a job listing on the app.

  1. Job Details
    • Athletic Trainers don’t apply to jobs they have questions about. Write a descriptive title for your job, and make sure you fill out the supplies list so that athletic trainers understand expectations before applying. 
  1. On-Site Contact
    • List an accurate on-site contact. Like Uber or Lyft, Athletic Trainers need to know they’re talking to the right person when they arrive on job-day.

  2. Venue Breakdown
    • ATs work at a lot of venues, but that doesn’t mean they know yours! Give them a walkie-talkie and a field map when they arrive. Have a brief medical-timeout chat where you discuss entries and exits, AED locations, restroom locations and any other pertinent venue details.

  3. Golf Cart
    • If an Athletic Trainer is covering more than two fields, consider an extra golf cart. Your participants and parents want faster response times, and injured patients often need a ride back to the medical tent for a full evaluation.

  4. Check-In After the event
    • Take 5 minutes to debrief with Athletic Trainers when your job ends. While they must adhere to HIPPA, make sure you know of any incidents that could come up when you get back to the office on Monday. Communication is also necessary if there are any medically DQ’ed participants that may attempt to return to play the next day.