Have you heard about Travel Athletic Training?

Contract Services is a division of Go4 created to meet longer term needs ranging from 3-month to full-year contracts. These positions are primarily in the secondary school and collegiate settings. But what makes them different from any other gig? And why is it worth exploring? Here are 5 reasons to take a (contract services) Travel Athletic Training job with Go4.

1) Rates range from $46-$60hr

The starting rate for a Go4 contract services gig is $46/hr. That’s higher than the average transacted per diem rate throughout the country, and equates to a $91,000 annualized salary. Depending on the gig, there are also moving stipends.

2) Overtime pays at 1.5x

Yup, overtime. A new concept for most athletic trainers. When you’re working a Contract Services gig, you’re paid for every minute that you’re working. You can’t predict varsity baseball going into extra innings or a track meet being delayed 2 hours, but you can count on being paid for working–the whole time.

3) No referral quotas, clinic or office hours

Focus on being the best AT you can be, without being conscious of splitting your time between your athletes and the clinic. Quotas are for sales positions, not healthcare.

4) You’re not alone

Beth Jones leads the management of all Contract Services positions at Go4. As a fellow AT that has worked at a DI institution and a powerhouse secondary school, she understands the position and is available to assist with questions and onboarding. You also have access to VP of Community, K. Ellis F. Mair and Go4’s EMR. The island life is nice, but not as an AT.

5) Your career, your way

Contract Services gigs are typically 3-months to 1 year in duration. Previous ATs have used their contract as a launching point for a full-time position the following year, or took their experience and used it to bolster their resume and land their dream job. Whether you need a change of scenery, more experience or a different setting, Contract Services offers the flexibility to pursue your personal and professional goals.

Check out open positions here.

What Go4 ATs who have worked contracts are saying: 

“Go4 always makes sure to have contracts with competitive pay and a quality staff to work with. They vet their clients well so you know you’re walking into a good work environment. All the administrative and logistical side was super easy and straightforward. It’s nice to have all of my documentation on the app to make sure I was working within my scope of practice legally. Communication with the Go4 team was always very clear, frequent, and supportive.” -Hannah H. in CA

“They care about their employees, believe they should be paid what they deserve as ATs. They offer good school placements. Great communication.” -Melissa S. in GA

“Everything is thorough yet easy.  The people understand the profession and are very personable and knowledgeable. I would recommend working a Go4 contract to another AT because there are so many opportunities to work in different settings.” -Brad M. in CA