How do I get standing orders as an athletic trainer?

Q: What are standing orders?

A: Standing orders, aka medical protocols, establish the scope of practice for an athletic trainer.

Under the direction of a physician, they are an overview of the specific skills that the AT is legally able to perform.

These skills also fall under the scope of practice set forth by the regulatory statutes in the state of practice.

For example, if the state practice act does not allow for an AT to perform reduction of appendicular joint dislocations, then that skill cannot be part of an AT’s standing orders.
The NATA provides information on every state practice act – AVAILABLE HERE

Q: Why does Go4 require ATs to have standing orders?A: Most states require that athletic trainers practice under the direction of a medical professional. 
In some states the standing orders must come from a physician, in other states the standing orders may also be issued by a dentist, podiatrist, or registered nurse.Because these requirements vary significantly from state to state, it’s important that ATs read and understand their state’s practice act and the requirements. Go4 wants to make sure that all ATs are properly educated on best practices and operating in accordance with their state’s practice act.
Not to mention the fact that standing orders can help ATs C their A.

Q: How do I get standing orders?
A: If you have a full-time job and are already working under the direction of a physician, start there!
They are an excellent candidate to issue standing orders that encompass responsibilities as a per diem.
Standing orders can be a challenge for ATs that do not have a full time job, are new to an area, or are new grads.Here are a few suggestions:
> Reach out to other ATs in the area and ask for connection to local medical professionals.
> Contact local orthopedic and sports medicine clinics. ATs are good referral sources for orthopedic and sports medicine clinics, so they may be willing to issue per diem standing orders.
> If you live close to your alma mater, contact the team physician there. Chances are they are familiar with you and would be able to help.

Q: Does Go4 provide standing orders?
A: Go4 does not provide standing orders for athletic trainers. It is up to each individual AT to ensure that they are operating under proper oral or written protocols as required by their specific state.

Q: I already have standing orders through my employer. Do I still need to obtain standing orders
A: Yes! Standing orders through your employer’s physician are specific to duties performed as an athletic trainer for that organization. If you would like to work per diem outside of that organization, you are required to obtain standing orders to encompass those duties as well.


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