Why do we exist in the universe? 
I’ve written a few brand docs/missions statements for a couple of different companies over the years and that’s the question I try to answer with each one. 
The ‘we’ being the company, the organization, the entity. 
The company/organization/entity being the people in that company/organization/entity.
Why do we exist in the universe? 
Why are we getting up at 5:30 in the morning? Why are working on the weekends? Nights? The stress? The grind?
What is our purpose?
What is my purpose? 
Why do we exist in the universe? 
A mission statement should answer that. 
It’s bigger than the product. 
I don’t see us as an ‘app’ company. The app is what helps us carryout our mission. Tools and technology change, our mission stays constant. 
So, our mission statement needs to be actionable.
Mission statements like “Our global operations are aligned around a best in class strategy dedicated to delivering a commitment to excellence…” say nothing and, worse, do nothing. 
You should be able to read a mission statement and apply it to your day-to-day. From big things like designing backend scalable platform architecture to smaller, more personal things like responding to an email from a frustrated user. 
Is the work we are doing, is the time we are putting in, furthering the mission.
That new feature, that partnership, that email, that poster, that promotion, that new hire…
Do they ladder back up to the mission? True, some of those ladders are longer (A lot longer. Looking at you Rubbing Dirt.) than others, but they should all lean on the mission.
To that end, the mission should inspire. 
We’re not expecting people to go out and get our mission statement tattooed across their back, but, personally, I’m not punching in at at 11:17pm on a Wednesday night under the banner of Leveraging Core Competencies to Holistically Administrate Cross Platform Synergies.
Mission statements help shape the culture of the company. So that as new players are added to the team, they have an emotional understanding of who and what they are playing for. 
Which is extremely, extremely, extremely important for us.
We are a member based organization, so it for damn sure needs to resonate with our members. (Not that we’re expecting people to get tattoos…) Because without you, there is no us. 
Athletic Training is not a means to an end, it is a calling. It is, in and of itself, a mission. 
We’re talking about sports. A machine that runs on blood, sweat and tears.
Not Delivering unparalleled value-added management co-action…
Athletic Training is inherently emotional. Triumph and tragedy. The best and the worst. 
It’s why we love it. And, at times, hate it. 
It makes us feel. 
Anyway, I digressed a bit there at the end. 
But the mission, we believe in it. We hope you do too. 
To read our mission statement, click the link below to go through whole doc, or just watch the video. (If you’re watching the video, make sure to turn your speakers up.)
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