Our shifts at the NYC Hotel/Hospital COVID-19 step-down units are wrapping up. And that, ultimately, is a good thing. It means that the city is on the mend and those bed are no longer needed. So, we wanted to give a shout out to all the ATs who stepped up when there state and their city need them most and picked up a shift:

Samantha Caruso
Justen Lopez
Cody Ryan
John Galvany
Justin Woodward
Isaac Gardner
Tyler Jones
Joseph Poletsky
Gennaro Bonfiglio
Kalya Medina
Thomas Rutski
Joel Choi
Michelle Brozowski
Thomas O’Sullivan
Samuel McMullen
Phillip Rahr
Daniel Helbig
Raeven Reivers
Keyonna Kirton
Juan Lopez

In all, they worked 8698 hours; 6103 regular and 2595 overtime.

We can’t thank them enough. 

We ???? you.