US Club Soccer Partners With Go4

CHARLESTON, S.C. (Oct. 12, 2020) – US Club Soccer and Go4 are proud to announce a new partnership. Stemming from years of assisting US Club Soccer staff directly at various national events, the partnership provides US Club Soccer members with access to thousands of certified athletic trainers for on-site medical care and injury prevention services to matches, practices and tournaments across the country.

The Go4 platform allows clubs and teams to find and hire athletic trainers – all of which are certified by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association. Additionally, whenever an event is posted on the platform, Go4 automatically generates a complimentary Emergency Action Plan. There are currently more than 11,000 athletic trainers in its database, resulting in more than 75,000 hours staffed to users across the country.

“Ensuring the safety of our members is, and always will be, US Club Soccer’s top priority,” said Kevin Payne, US Club Soccer CEO. “We’ve trusted Go4 in the past as a key vendor, providing athletic training support at some of our biggest events.

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And now, we’re excited to expand that role and introduce Go4 to all our members as a valuable partner. Especially as we navigate our return to competition this season, we will rely on Go4 to lend its expertise and resources so that we resume safely and responsibly.”

US Club Soccer and Go4 will launch the partnership with a webinar designed to better inform all stakeholders on participant health and safety and how athletic trainers can aid in these efforts. This webinar will be held October 21st at 11am and 8pm for US Club Soccer members. Please register for either time here.

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Members are also welcome to schedule a demo and sign up for the service here.

“Having a medical professional on the every sideline is more important than ever to keep all stakeholders safe as we return to the field,” said Andy Hayes, Go4 CEO. “We are excited about this opportunity to partner with US Club Soccer and its members. Their commitment to player safety through the Player’s First initiative is something we absolutely want to be a part of as they continue to grow. ”

In 2015, U.S. Soccer enacted a mandate that tournaments projected to have 64 or more teams at 11-U and older age groups must have an adequate number of certified athletic trainers in attendance. For more information, please visit the SanctionYour Tournament web page. Beyond any health and safety-related mandates/requirements, US Club Soccer always encourages its members to adopt any additional recommendations or optional measures to achieve the safest possible environment.


The mission of Go4 is to protect athletes everywhere by making it possible to get Athletic Trainers on every sideline, everywhere. The Go4 platform

connects Athletic Trainers with teams and organizations that need Athletic Trainers for games, practices, camps and tournaments. Athletic Trainers set up a

profile; including licensure, credentials and proof of liability insurance. Event operators post work opportunities, set their own pay rates and the platform

handles all the paperwork. Go4 is the official per diem platform of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

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For more information visit


If you’re an AT looking to pick up a shift or two, or want to use the EMR, click the links below to download the app.
Go4 is the preferred per diem platform of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.
Every sideline. Everywhere.