FACTS: High summer temperatures and humidity puts your athletes at risk for exertional heat stroke. Which could lead to permanent damage to the brain, heart, kidneys, muscles and even death.
SO: So? So! So, you need an Exertional Heat Stroke Station for your summer games, practices, camps, clinics and tournaments!
REALLY?: Yes, you really, really do.

YOU’RE RIGHT! HOW DO I…: Hey we’ve got you—and your athletes—covered. Check out our Exertional Heat Stroke Station Setup & Deployment Guide below to learn about Heat Stroke and how a Heat Stroke Station can help save a life:

Download this document to deploy your own Heat Stroke Station for summer games, practices, camps, clinics and tournaments:

And if you need to hire a per diem Athletic Trainer to set up, deploy and manage your Heat Stroke Station, you can find one here: go4ellis.com.