Suicide Warning Signs

Suicidal Warning Signs and Helpful Apps

Nurses and other healthcare providers on the front lines will often interact with a person who is struggling with mental health issues or considering suicide. Save and download this suicide warning signs sheet, and check out some of the helpful apps below shared by

Click below to download:

1. Better Help
Better Help is the largest online therapy platform, worldwide. They offer affordable, online counseling via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. One of the most appealing aspects for nurses is that it’s available any time of day, anywhere. 

2. X2
A mental health app for individual people or businesses that helps reduce anxiety and depression with online chat. Their mission is to “provide affordable, quality mental health support, regardless of income or location.”

3. Mind Shift
A mental health app for anxiety for young adults that focuses on avoiding anxious feelings and changing how you think about anxiety

4. CBT Thought Record Diary
An app to record negative and distorted thinking patterns, identify negative thinking, and reevaluate your thoughts. It helps to gradually change thinking patterns and approaches to situations causing anxiety.  

5. Talkspace Online Therapy
An app for people who can’t afford a therapist but need to talk. You are able to text a trained therapist as often as your need to and receive daily responses.

6. Breathe2Relax
Created by the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, this app helps remind us to breathe and that we are OK. It teaches stress management through diaphragmatic breathing and lower “flight or flight” response. Helpful option for managing PTSD.

7. Headspace
An app with hundreds of meditations for stress, anxiety, sleep, and focus. It helps to teach mindfulness in a few minutes every day.

8. Calm
A mental health app with guided meditations, breathing programs, and relaxing music. Named by Apples as the 2017 iPhone app of the year.  

9. Ten Percent Happier
A mental health app that claims to make you ten percent happier with guided medications for anxiety, stress, parenting, sleep, and inspiration

10. Woebot
A depression and anxiety reduction program built by Stanford psychologists with cognitive behavioral therapy tools they used with patients in clinic. 

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