Company: Ascend Performing Arts aka Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps
Year Founded:

Speciality (sport, art, industry): High Level Outdoor/Indoor Pageantry Arts (marching band, color guard, percussion ensemble)

Location: Denver, CO

If your company had a mascot, what would it be? Oddly we support the Denver Broncos “Stampede Drumline” and “Broncos Brass”!

Coolest object in your office(s): Our people!

Why does your company hire Athletic Trainers? Competitive drum and bugle corps is not your father’s marching band. It is an intense physical activity with very high physical and mental demands on our young performers. We have evolved from “marching” to full movement and dance … and while playing the instruments! The best way to understand it is to see it live, but until then YouTube the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps.

Pro Tip about the Business: We’re intense, but the payoff is spectacular! You’ll probably never get the chance to work with so many young people who ARE absolute pros in their activity … and yet fun, too!

Unofficial company motto: “ELEVATING LIFE PERFORMANCE” is our *official* motto!

Anything else that we should know about your company? The Blue Knights are consistent world championships finalists. But more than that, they are performing artists who strive to entertain and challenge their audiences and fans. We think after time with us, you’ll become one too!

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