Last week we introduced you to Carrie Smith, our 2017 Athletic Trainer of the Year.  Today we complete our 2017 wrap up series with a profile of the Go4Ellis Event Operator of the Year – NXTsports!

In 2017, NXTsports, one of the nation’s largest youth sports event management and education companies, made the decision to staff all of its athletic training needs through our platform.  NXT runs a portfolio of close to 40 lacrosse events, a lacrosse club program, and ongoing educational camps and clinics.  In total, NXT commits to almost 2500 hours of athletic training services annually, all of which is staffed through Go4Ellis. 

“Safety is of the highest importance to our company, and Go4Ellis puts us in direct contact with the athletic trainers we need,” said Melissa Gingrich, CFO of NXTsports. “We have had a 100% pickup rates on shifts posted, and payment is automated which makes my life easier.  But the best part is happening right now, since Go4Ellis handles all year-end tax reporting we don’t need to track down anyone to issue a 1099!”

Congrats to NXTsports, our 2017 Event Operator of the Year!

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