Are the headshots really free? 
Yes. They’re free. 
Well, you do need to have a Go4Ellis account, but that’s free, so yes, they’re free. 
Go4Ellis? What’s that? 
That’s the app that connects Athletic Trainers with per diem/prn work. 
Do I need to make an appointment for the headshot?
To ensure you get a spot, you should make an appointment. Here’s the link to do so:

Where is the the Go4 Photo Lounge located? 
The Photo Lounge is in the NATA Connect area by the NATA Gear Store. 
How long does it take? 
No more than 4 or 5 minutes. The photographer, A. Collins, is a stone cold pro. He will take between 5 and 10 shots each sitting. 
Yep. In under 4 minutes-ish, AC is going to make you look absolutely fabulous, darling. 
What if I just walk up? Can you squeeze me in? 
Maybe. Stop by and see. If we can, we will. We don’t want to turn anybody away. 
Are you taking any other kind of shots? 
You know it! Group shots, snapshots, two shots, one shots, big shots, slingshots, jumps shots, action shots, sure shots, long shots, hotshots, chip shots, hip shots, lucky shots and moonshots.
Do I need to make an appointment for those? 
Nope! Just bounce on over with your crew and lets go! 
When will I get my pictures? 
We are aiming to email people their headshots on Friday, June 28th. 
Are you giving anything else away? 
We made a deal with Rubbing Dirt Brand™ rubbing dirt to concoct a special Vegas edition of Rubbing Dirt Brand™ rubbing dirt. And we’ll have a bunch of posters, too. 
What about drawings for prizes? 
There sure are! Come on over, fill out a card, and drop it in the box. At the end of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday, we’ll drawing names for 25 white Nike hats, 25 black Carhartt trucker hats and 10 Nike backpacks. 
How do I know if I’ve won? 
We broadcast the drawing LIVE on Insta TV on our channel! So TUNE in at the end of everyday!!!! We’ll also tweet out the list of winners. You do have to be present to win. Sooooo, tune in!  Make sure you follow our social media accounts: @go4ellis
Are you doing anything else? 
Great question, follow us on the Instagram and find out. 
Well thanks, this has been pretty informative.
Hey, you’re welcome. If you have any other questions, just email us at
And we will see you out in Vegas!