In 2017, Go4Ellis’ first year in the market, we proudly helped lots of athletic trainers find per diem work, but nobody took advantage of opportunities more than our 2017 athletic trainer of the year, Carrie Smith.   In 2017 Carrie picked up 46 per diem jobs through Go4 and earned over $7,000!
An Annapolis, MD, native, Carrie earned a B.S. in Athletic Training at Eastern University (PA), and just completed a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology with a concentration in Athletic Training from West Chester University.  Carrie currently works as an assistant athletic trainer at the Haverford School (Haverford, PA).
Carrie first learned about Go4Ellis during our testing phase last Spring and was an early adopter.  “I love the app,” she says, “It makes it super easy to apply for per diem work, and centralizes everything in a single spot. I also love the fact that we get paid through the app within a few days of working the gig, with direct deposit. It definitely ends the waiting game you get with some jobs where I’m waiting 3-5 weeks to get paid.”
So what does she do with her extra income?  Well it turns out she’s working per diem to pursue her career goals, Carrie is currently taking pre-requisite courses so that she can eventually enroll in medical school (she hopes to start in August 2020), and her per diem paychecks are paying her tuition bills! 
Through Go4Ellis, Carrie’s per diem work helps keep kids safer, helps youth sports event operators breathe easier knowing they are covered, and helps her pursue her dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.  That works all around! And that’s why she’s our 2017 AT of the year!

                                                             Here’s Carrie Presenting her Abstract at EATA

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