You know that trick when you hear a weird noise coming from your car’s engine where if you just ignore it, it won’t get any worse and the car will just fix itself. Magically. On its own.
HA! That trick is a TRICK! Your car will get so much worse and then you’ll find yourself stranded in a low rent, strip mall parking lot beneath a circling swarm of buzzards at the mercy one-bar cell phone reception and the shifty benevolence of gypsies!  
Don’t let YOUR athletes employ the ‘ignore it’ trick with their own bodies! Save them with this downloadable, print-ready poster! Encourage them to speak up before a click in the knee leads to an emergency amputation and another prom night ruined!

To download the downloadable, print-ready Hurt Something/Say Something poster, just click on the color for you and your school, download, hang, and—perhaps—SAVE A SEASON! And if we don’t have one in your school’s main color, let us know and we’ll whip one up: COLOR WHIPPER

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Go4Ellis is the preferred per diem platform of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

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