We get the question all the time, “so, how does this work exactly?”  Here is Go4 in a nutshell.

We are an online platform connecting athletic trainers interested in per diem work opportunities with operators who need ATs for their programs, camps, tournaments, games, practices, clinics, facilities, warehouses, screenings, etc.

How Do Athletic Trainers and Event Operators Join?

Athletic trainers can simply sign-up (link) for a free account, and once registered will receive a daily summary of upcoming work opportunities posted near them.  If there is a job of interest, you simply apply to work the job.  We’ve worked with the National Athletic Trainers’ Association for years, and athletic trainers can input their current NATA member number to bolster their profile.

Event operators can also sign up for a free account, and once registered go to the Post New Events screen to enter the upcoming sports program that needs athletic trainers.

What Are the Legal Requirements?

While Go4 provides athletic trainers with the tools to operate their own per diem businesses, we still require that athletic trainers must operate at all times in accordance with their state practice act.  Before being allowed to apply for work, athletic trainers must upload documentation of a) their NATABOC Certification, b) proof of state licensure, registration or certification, c) and proof of professional liability insurance.  Additionally, if the AT works in a state where written standing orders are expressly required, or if the state has a mandatory child abuse clearance law, the athletic trainer must post those to their credentials section as well. 

When athletic trainers apply for work, event operators can easily click on their profile and review all of the athletic trainer’s credentials for accuracy prior to hiring the athletic trainer.

How Do the Finances Work?

All payments through Go4 are processed by Stripe, one of the world’s largest and most secure automated transaction platforms.  All payments through Go4 are automated, no more waiting for checks after per diem work. When an athletic trainer starts a shift, they simply check-in using the check-in button on the app.  This triggers the payment transaction, and  payments typically hit the AT’s bank account within 48 hours of the job.  

Where is Go4 Open and Available?

The mission of our company has always been to efficiently connect healthcare professionals with the people and organizations that need them.

In the beginning we carried out that mission through athletic trainers with a focus on sports.

Then we added an EMR to help further that mission.

And then COVID hit. So, we created a full-service division, Go4 Contract Services, to handle staffing for hospital systems and large, national organizations.

And then to adequately staff those contracts, we opened the platform to nurses.

Suffice to say, we’ve grown. Both in size and scope.

Our path forward is driven by equipping our clients and account holders with a wide range of services and solutions through the development of new products and by inviting more healthcare professions to the platform.

All of which, we believe, will help everyone involved with Go4—at every level—make an impact on the communities and people that they serve.

As always, if you have questions, concerns or comments, let us know.

Need an athletic trainer? Go4 is a nationwide app/platform that connects teams and organizations with per diem athletic trainers for games, practices, camps, clinics and tournaments. For more information, or to find and hire an athletic trainer, visit go4.io

If you’re an AT looking to pick up a shift or two, create your free Go4 account.