Since its launch in January, ATs across the country are taking advantage of the Go4Ellis’ referral program,
The program gives ATs an additional way to earn money through Go4Ellis by paying them for leads. How does 4werks,
work? Athletic Trainers with a Go4Ellis account simply submit qualified leads on When that lead posts a
shift—and the shift runs—the AT collects $125.

We spoke with 4werks power user, Lindsay Blanford ATC, to discuss her secret to 4werks success, how she sees the

referral program benefiting the greater sports community and what she is going to do with the money she’s earned.

Go4Ellis: Lindsay, as the most successful participant of the 4werks referral program, what is your advice for other ATs

using it?  And what motivates you to get these new leads?

LB: I’ve been able to access Event Operators online and help give them the perspective of an AT by educating them on

who ATs are and what we can do for their athletes.   I’m also passionate about what I do and so educating
Event Operators is my main motivation as well as getting jobs posted. The $125 doesn’t hurt!

Go4Ellis: How do you find your leads for 4werks?

LB: I basically introduce myself as an AT who finds per diem work through Go4Ellis and then I educate them a little bit
on what we actually do. If it works, I send them to Chris to close. If it doesn’t, I move on to the next one.

Go4Ellis: How do you see 4werks benefitting the sports community at large- AT’s, Event Operator’s, Athletes?

LB: Many EOs don’t even know that they have an opportunity to have an AT at their events. So, by letting them know
about Go4Ellis and what they have to offer to the sports community, I’ve opened that door, thus creating more awareness
and jobs.  From this, the main goal of protecting athletes is accomplished, which is what I truly care about.

Alright, So what do you plan on doing with your earnings? Save or spend?

LB: I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!! No. Seriously we are. 3 kids cost a fortune.

Have a lead? Submit it at  


> Submit a qualified lead at

> You make an introduction via email, phone call, etc.

> We then call them and help them set up an account

> They post a shift

> After the shift runs, we send you $125

For questions about the the referral program, contact Chris Angelos at