Go4Ellis—the platform that connects Athletic Trainers with per diem work—has entered into a partnership with Kickball365 as a resource for teams throughout the league looking to hire Athletic Trainers for games and practices. Kickball 365 produces The Circuit, the only national, professional tour of top-flight, competitive co-ed and women’s division adult tournaments in America. With multiple events all across the country, the Kickball 365 partnership accelerates Go4Ellis’ mission of getting athletic trainers on every sideline, everywhere.

In return, by providing a resource that efficiently links ATs with event operators, Go4Ellis helps Kickball 365 further their own goal of providing participants a “fun vacation experience full of social activities built in and around a kickball tournament.” And as the Summer season continues, Go4Ellis’ flexibility will be able to scale to meet Kickball 365’s needs.

Kickball 365 was founded in 2010 by Matthw Kemph as a social sports company that specializes in organizing and hosting kickball tournaments ad leagues throughout America. Learn more about by clicking here.