It happens every season, high school athletic departments find themselves with days where the schedule is on extreme overload; games and practices for every sport taking place on every field and court, all at once.  It’s for times like these that Go4Ellis has become the go-to resource for high school athletic departments to find per diem, certified ATs to backup their own athletic training staff.

We spoke with two prominent members of the Philadelphia high school athletic community—Jake Serfass, Chairman of the Philadelphia Catholic League, and Joseph Parisi, Athletic Administrator for LaSalle College High School— about why they rely on Go4Ellis for staffing per diem ATs.

As the Chairman of the Philadelphia Catholic League, the health and safety of all the student-athletes who participate in the league are Jake Serfass’s top priority. The league is composed of 18 Catholic high schools in the greater Philadelphia area and has collectively posted one-hundred and sixteen shiftson Go4Ellis.

Jake sees athletic trainers as an integral part of any event in the PCL, but it can be challenging to find ATs for certain sports during busy times of the year.  For example, in the fall when there may be three different sport events going on at once, there’s difficulty in providing an AT for every event.  That’s where Go4Ellis has served as an efficient reinforcement option for athletic directors like Jake Serfass.

“Because our high school athletic trainers often have a lot on their plates, we started using Go4Ellis more to help supplement them.” Jake adds that, “It has also been a great option for finding ATs when the school cannot provide one.”  This can be attributed to Go4Ellis’ easy to use platform.  Within minutes, an athletic director can create an account, post a shift, and hire ATs to work the shift.  

LaSalle College High School’s Athletic Administrator Joseph Parisi also spoke on the topic; “having multiple events both home and away occurring on the same day during the fall, winter and spring sports seasons, Go4Ellis has been a great resource.”  With every season being hectic for LaSalle’s athletic department, Joseph relays how Go4Ellis “allows us to provide professional Athletic Trainers for multiple events and gives us a sense of security knowing we can reach out to get someone to cover an event that our full time Athletic Trainer cannot.”  That security of being able to find per diem ATs is vital to the health and safety of high school athletes.

Need an athletic trainer? The Go4Ellis platform makes it easy to find and hire per diem Athletic Trainers for games and practices.

You set the pay rate. Go4Ellis is not a typical staffing agency with fixed rates. With Go4Ellis you set the pay rate. Also, there are NO Contracts and NO Minimums.

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Need an athletic trainer? Go4Ellis is a nationwide app/platform that connects teams and organizations with per diem athletic trainers for games, practices, camps, clinics and tournaments.

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Go4Ellis is the preferred per diem platform of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

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