Finding per diem work as an athletic trainer, explained.

Are you already looking for per diem work as an athletic trainer? Or perhaps you’re just curious about working in the per diem field? Today the experts on the Go4 team explore some ways for athletic trainers to find per diem work, that works for your schedule and budget.

What is per diem work for athletic trainers?

Per diem is a Latin phrase, which means ‘in the day’. When applied to a working environment, it means you work on an as-needed basis. Think of it as something like contract work, where you don’t onboard as a permanent employee, but rather work when the firm needs you. They key difference? You set your schedule, and only pick the jobs that pay what you should earn.

Today, most per diem work is available with the understanding that you are an independent contractor, so make sure to clarify that before you get to work. It’s especially important to understand your role when it comes to tax purposes–independent contractors have the ability to account for items they used or miles they’ve driven for their business. Of course, it doesn’t have the perceived job security of a full-time position, but it does allow you a host of benefits. Per diem workers love the fact that they can:

  • Work only for rates that they set
  • Work for multiple employers at once
  • Work in a wide variety of settings
  • Take only jobs that appeal to them 
  • Set their own schedule

It’s very common for per diem workers to earn higher wages than permanent employees doing the same work, too, so it can be a very lucrative way to earn. It’s very common in both the medical and building industries. 

What should I know about working per diem as an athletic trainer?

First, it’s very important to know that working per diem doesn’t mean you can work without your proper qualifications. You must maintain your BOC certification, as well as your own personal liability insurance. Finally, every state except California will require you to have a state license to operate as an athletic trainer. After this, and before you accept any per diem position, you must understand the job through and through. Make sure you learn about things like their emergency action plans, workplace safety policies, and which equipment is provided. Information like this will help you decide if the opportunity is a good fit. 

Finding reliable work opportunities as an athletic trainer

It’s always best to search for per diem work through association-approved platforms like Go4, the preferred per diem partner of the NATA. That way, you have the benefit of credibility, reputation and peer reviews. That way you know you can safely accept work without undue risk. Alternatively, especially as a newer athletic trainer, you can approach reputable institutions you would like to work with, and find out how to get onto their in-house consideration lists. This can  allow you the opportunity to work directly with them when they have extra needs at busy periods, and can be a decent way to get a foot in the door if you’re hoping to try for a permanent position.

How Go4 can help you earn per diem work as an athletic trainer

Did you know that the Go4 platform is the preferred partner of the NATA for per diem work? We work hard to make earning as a per diem athletic trainer as simple and safe as possible. Our platform is specially designed to make it easy for potential employers to post their jobs.

Once you are registered and have uploaded your credentials, you can begin browsing work in your area. From there, it’s simple to connect with the client and start earning. Don’t you think it’s time you explored working per diem as an athletic trainer? Remember, the Go4 team is here to help you make the very best of the opportunities at hand. Sign up, and start earning today.

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