PLI vs GL Quiz For Athletic Trainers! Pick a patch just for playing!

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Is it covered by Professional Liability Insurance? Or General Liability Insurance?




Pick a patch just for taking the quiz!

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In talking about an athlete’s embarrassing injury, you let their name slip, violating HIPAA.


It gets back to them. They sue.

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You work up a rehab plan for an injured athlete. In the course of their rehab, their injury gets worse.


A lot worse.


The athlete blames the rehab plan and sues.

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A Gatorade bucket gets knocked over in your ATR spilling Riptide Rush everywhere!


A visiting dignitary slips and falls, breaking their ulna.


The dignitary sues.

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You clear an athlete from an injury a little too early and they re-injure themselves.


Their parents sue you.

5 / 8

You have a cold, but feel well enough to work.


It turns out that cold was COVID.


You inadvertently give COVID to 5 athletes.


Their parents all sue.

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To help with a player’s rehab, you lend them a resistance band.


While rehabbing in the family rec room, the band snaps, sending the player crashing into the screen of a $25k LG - 97" G2 Series OLED 4K UHD TV; destroying it beyond repair.


The family blames the band, and by extension you for lending the player the band.


They sue.

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You diagnose an athlete for shin splints.


Turns out, it was a hairline fibula fracture.


They sue.

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You are working a lacrosse tournament.

While driving a golf cart through the parking lot to get from one field to another you run into a parked, fancy Lex-O-Benz SUV.

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