TYim, ATC on the job site

Name: Tim Prohinsie

Nickname: TYim

Alma Mater: LIU Brooklyn

What’s your current gig: Industrial AT with Utility Company

Most Important Thing in Your Bag: Leatherman Raptor

What is the Weirdest / Wildest / Most Interesting / Out there AT job you’ve ever worked: Naval Academy Lacrosse Camp

Share your best Moment / Story / Anecdote as an AT: Working with the NY Titans pro Lacrosse team and playing in the eastern conference finals for the NLL

Quote/Lyric/Line that sums up Athletic Training For You:
“I don’t think that means what you think it means.” Inigo Montoya

What does your day to day look like?
Preventive stretching on Job Sites

What has been the biggest change in the year of the pandemic?
Dealing with the Virus. Temp checks and shutting down a team when someone has a contact . . . It’s been a pain.

When you’re not on a sideline, where can we find you?
Hanging out with my Kids, Playing guitar, Practicing Kung Fu

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