AT Spotlight: Sydney Johnson, ATC, Nitro Circus

Athletic Training for Extreme Sports: What it’s like to work a Nitro Circus Event

Our AT Community Manager, Josh Beard, MA, ATC is constantly chatting with the ATs on Go4 to hear about their unique experiences. As more event operators recognize the necessity of athletic trainers (especially in non-traditional settings) we’ll highlight some of the most intriguing opportunities the Go4 community has been a part of. 

Check out the conversation Josh had with Sydney Johnson about her experience with the Nitro Circus. 

What event did you work?

Street League Skateboarding Event. They do a lot of events like this across the US and around the world. Essentially they set up a street skateboarding course and it’s a competition where everyone is doing all of these crazy tricks.

Where did they set this up?

There is an arena in Everett, WA and before the event they came in and built the ramps, poured concrete for different obstacles and created this whole street skateboarding area. It was great to not have to worry about the weather. It was so hot out that weekend I am glad we were inside.

What was the coolest part about it?

Mostly just how skilled everyone was and how athletic they all were. There were men and women from all over the world competing and it was really fun to watch.

Did you know what it was before you applied?

I knew what Nitro Circus was mostly because of their motocross events, which is what I was assuming I was signing up for. I did a little more digging because “SLS” was in the title in the job posting and that is when I figured out it was for skateboarding. 

They also have Motocross (FMX), BMX Bike, Scooter and other action sport competitions! 

What was the most interesting thing that happened?

The level of skill was so high that I did not really see much from an injury standpoint. Fortunately I was able to see high level athletes perform really cool tricks and enjoy the event. My role was more as a responder/assist with emergencies as they have their own AT, and some of the participants from other parts of the world bring medical personnel with them. 

Would you work with them again?

Yes! The company that is responsible for providing medical coverage is called WMI Global. They told me that they prefer to hire athletic trainers because we are so versatile in the injuries and conditions that we are trained to recognize and manage. 

Have you worked a unique shift on Go4 you may not have found otherwise? 
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