Check out the latest AT Spotlight with Steve Taylor, ATC.

Steve Taylor works in a unique setting as an athletic trainer–with the DC Fire Emergency Medical Services Department. When he’s not doing that, he’s working with Go4 to provide safety and care at one of the largest youth soccer tournaments in the country.

Check out this spotlight below, and click here if you want in on the Virginia youth soccer event held later in June!

Name: Steve Taylor, ATC

Nickname: Steve

Alma Mater: Ohio State University  

What’s your current gig: Athletic trainer with DC FEMS.

Most Important Thing in Your Bag: Gauze

What’s a day in the life life?
In the morning I help with Recruit training and work with Return to Work firefighters that are on limited duty. I then do preventative healthcare work during walk-in hours at the academy. This ranges from therapy exercises to manual therapy to strength and conditioning. The main goal here is to keep fire fighters from going on limited and save the organization on POD money. I perform some administrative work after this, and then I swing out to visit other fire houses in the district if time allows. Depending on my schedule, I have more return to work firefighters come in later in the day and help out with recruit training as well. Sometimes I get to do training in fire fighter gear and see what firefighters deal with on a daily basis.

When you’re not on the proverbial sideline, where can we find you?
My third place, is my CrossFit gym. I don’t ego lift but love the community that it creates while exercising. I also enjoy the Peloton. My wife and I love to travel, we were in Ireland in February. I have two labradors at home I love to play fetch with and take care of, we literally make their dog food, yes, we are those people! Lastly, if I’m not doing house work outside you can find me reading a murder mystery at home. That’s pretty much it.