Name: Amanda Wacasey
Nickname: “Wac”

About You: I am Amanda Wacasey from Weatherford, Texas. I graduated from Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth with my BSAT in December of 2018.  I am hoping to start my Masters for psychology in the Fall, but with the current pandemic, we will see how finances pan out.  Regardless of the hardships I face, I love what I do because it fulfills my soul being there for/with an athlete at their lowest point of being injured and then being a part of their journey to see them at their highest point when they return to play in competition! 

Alma Mater: Texas Wesleyan University

First AT Job: UT Health East Texas Outreach Program, Placed at Jacksonville College

Most Important Thing In Your Bag: Chapstick, thermometer and Medi-Lyte/Heat Guard!

Game Day Snack: A Large Iced Coffee!

Best AT Moment: During my last/senior semester in undergrad, I was placed with the football team for my clinical rotation and had the absolute most influential preceptor.  During my time with her we actually had an athlete go into a heat stroke, and she believed in me and trusted in me enough to be a vital part in saving his life.  Granted, he threw up on me twice while I was supporting him in the ice tub so that he didn’t slip under the water, but I wouldn’t go back and change that situation if I could.  It gave me the confidence I needed to be out in the real world and on my own as certified and licensed athletic trainer!

Temperature Checks:

State/Location you’re working Temperature Shifts: Frito Lay in Irving, Texas.

Has anything surprised you about the temp screen gig: I have yet to have a “positive” screening and/or temperature!  Granted, I hope to keep this record too, so knock on wood!

What is the biggest difference working with this patient population vs working with athletes: Well, I typically see my athletes at least 3 – 4 times a day every single day throughout the year except for summer time, so I would have to say the biggest difference is that I don’t see these patients on a day-to-day basis like I do with my athletes!
Are there any similarities working with this patient population and working with athletes: The employees/patients are showing respect and gratitude towards me being here as the “frontline” worker with the screening process and temperature checks!

One moment/story/anecdote from this gig: Just being interactive and talking with the employees about how the pandemic has impacted their personal and work lives is amazing. It truly shows that we are in this together and there is light at the end of the tunnel!

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