Name: Hannah Wohltmann 
Nickname: Han 
Hometown: Towson, MD 
Current Town: Gainesville, FL
On Go4Ellis Since: February 2018 
Alma Mater: University of New Hampshire (undergrad), University of Florida (grad school) 
Go: Ravens 
First AT job: University of New Hampshire Cheer AT 
Current Gig: University of Florida Graduate Assistant  (just finished, on the job hunt now) 
Most important thing in your bag: Rectal therm (Florida heat) 
Gameday Snack: Goldfish 
Best AT Moment: I had a patient who suffered a full knee dislocation. We went through months of rehab, 2 surgeries, more rehab and a few months after she graduated I received a selfie of her finishing her first 5k since the injury with the caption “Hannah I did it on the exact day I got hurt too. I changed a bad thing to a good thing!” I was so proud to know that I aided her in her recovery process and she was so happy to feel like an athlete again! 
Quote/Lyric/Line That Sums Athletic Training 4 You: Treat the whole patient, not the body part.