Nickname: Regs

Hometown: Hard to say! My parents are both retired Air Force so I’ve lived in 7 different places-Tucson, AZ. Stuttgart, Germany. Tampa, FL. Gratfon, VA. Colorado Springs, CO. Beaver Creek, OH, and now Gainesville FL.  I did most of my schooling in Ohio so we can claim Beaver Creek, OH as my hometown.

Current Town: Gainesville, FL

On Go4Ellis since: Fall 2018

Alma Mater: Ohio University–Go Bobcats!!

Go: Gators, Buffalo Sabres, New York Yankees!

First AT Job: RecSports Graduate Assistant at the University of Florida

Current Gig: RecSports Graduate Assistant at the University of Florida 2nd year

Most Important Thing In Your Bag: Personal – scented hand sanitizer, AT wise- 2in PowerFlex; I cannot imagine my kit without it.

Gameday snack: White Chocolate Macademia Clif Bars

Best AT Moment: I had an athlete who was graduating and thanked me and told me without my help all year he wouldn’t have made it through the season and I helped him beyond his injury with his mental health as well.  He said “I knew with you, I was more than just my injury and my sport.”

Quote/Lyric/Line that sums Athletic Training To You: “No matter how small you feel, you make a big difference in this world.”  I think the world forgets about our profession and while we struggle with acceptance we’re still making differences in our athletes’ lives, even if it is just one.