Name: Kevin W. Briles, Sr.

Nickname: My athletes call me “K.B.” My coaches call me “Grim Reaper.”

Hometown: Frankville, NJ

Current Town: Glassboro, NJ

On Go4Ellis Since: 2018

Alma Mater: Delsea Regional High School, Gettysburg College, Temple University


First AT Job: Summer Camp AT at Gettysburg College, Temple University

Current Gig: District Athletic Trainer/Assistant to the Athletic Director, The Delsea Regional School District

Most Important Thing in My Bag: CPR Mask

Gameday Snack: Anything from our Football/Baseball concession stand.  Those moms got game…
Best AT Moment: Don’t have one.  Everyday is an incredible blessing.  I really love what I do.
Quote/Lyric that sums up Athletic Training for you: “When you give, you begin to live” You Might Die Trying-Dave Matthews Band