Nickname: Jess

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Current Town: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Alma Mater: University of Alabama (undergrad), University of Wyoming (masters)

First AT Job:  GA for football and women’s tennis at Wyoming

Current Gig: Associate Athletic Trainer- Head Football Western Kentucky University

Most Important Thing In Your Bag:  The continuity of care.  I’m surrounded by a great group of athletic trainers and physicians.  The assistant athletic trainer for football, Russell Smothermon and I work extremely well together and I know if I’m not able to do something that he will get it done and done to the caliber I would do it.  I also have a great relationship with the rest of the athletic trainers so when I have questions or want to bounce ideas off of them they are always willing to help.

Gameday Snack: Bang energy drink

Best AT Moment: Getting to watch an athlete return to their sport and have the biggest smile on their face as they get to finally put on their pads and helmet again and then give you a ‘thank you.’ That is always a great moment.

Quote/Lyric/Line that sums up Athletic Training for you:  I’m an athletic trainer, not a ‘trainer.’  Paid a whole lot of money for both words.

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