7:23 AM / Text / Cousin Clif

About 2 dominate Turkey Trot. Its okay to run through pain right?

8:01 AM / Text / Mom

When are you getting here, dear? It’s already 8am. 

8:01 AM / Text / Dad

When are you getting here. Your mom wants to know. It’s already 8am. 

8:36 AM / Text/ Cousin Clif

Just got done. Not good. Might need your crutches. Can you bring crutches? You have crutches.

10:27 AM / Text / Chris – Back Up Kicker

ATR open today? Need ice bath.

11:27 PM / Missed call / Uncle Ralph

11:28 PM / Missed call / Uncle Ralph

11:29 PM / Text / Uncle Ralph

where r u? 

11:29 PM / Missed call / Uncle Ralph

11:31 PM / Text / Cousin Lou

pls Get over here now. Mitch down. Fade route. Loud pop. so loud. Scared the dog.

11:32 PM / Text  / Cousin Stefano

Uncle Mitchell down. Foot dangling

1:32 PM / Text /  Uncle Mitch 

Is this look normal???can u tape it.

2:01 / Text / Off-again-On-again Ex

Hey, something came up @ work. Can’t go to ur parents. Sorry.

2:02 / Text / Off-again-On-again Ex

Don’t have to go to that thing anymore. Got out of it. Can meet u out later. 

2:03 / Text / Off-again-On-again Ex

um, número equivocado

3:22 PM / Text / Dad

Are you here?  Aunt Celia cut leg on coffee table.
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3:46 PM / Text / Dad

More blood. Your mother stabbed Lou. Accidentally. 

3:47 PM / Text / Dad

I think

4:01 PM / Text / Mom

It’s almost time 2 eat. Are you in your car? Again? Come back inside.

4:01 PM / Text / Dad

Are you in your car? Your mother wants to know.

4:14 PM / Text / Mom

Pls come inside NOW! Dad burned fingers on casserole. Fingerprints are gone. 

4:25 PM / Text / Off-again-On-again Ex

U up?

4:37 PM / Text / 81018

Hi! Are you happy with your current gutters? Text YES for NO, you are not happy with your gutters! 

5:02 PM / Text / Some Friend From High School’s Mom

How can you tell cat ankle sprained? 

5:35 PM / Text / Aunt Celia

Are you in other room? Knee hurts when I go like this. This is Celias boyfriend btw 

6:42PM / Text / Uncle Bob’s Wife

Can u get diabetes from 2 much pie? 

8:23PM / Text / Cousin Jack

Can you text my girlfriend a workout? Tater pounds. Need to get in myrtle beach shape iykwim

7:47 PM / Text / Uncle Bob  

Do u have kit bag  thing?  Need tums. Need bad

8:36 PM / Text / Cousin Clif

I lost crutches. [sad emoji]

8:47 / Text / Cousin Linda’s Step Sister

Which planet fitness U work at again? Do they take ballys fitness coupons?
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9:03 PM / Text / Uncle Ralph

Can you diagnose concussion over the phone? 

9:12 PM / Text / Uncle Ralph

I smell toast. Does it smell like toast at your house too?  

9:32 PM / Text / Off-again-On-again Ex

Whats ur hulu password?

10:37 PM / Text / Coach Butch

Hope you’re enjoying time w/ family. Scheduled practice 7am tomorrow.
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