5 Ways to Make Your Application Stick Out

5 Ways to Make Your Application Stick Out

Your account is setup, credentials uploaded, and you’re ready to start picking up shifts. You find a perfect job, but how do you make sure you’re picked?

Here are 5 ways to make your application stick out when applying for a gig on the app: 

  1. Update a resume
    • Keep your resume up to date with your current position and relevant accomplishments. You should also add the different organizations, sports and settings that you’ve worked on the Go4 app to highlight your expertise. Always upload a .pdf version for readability.

  2. Add Background Check and/or Child Abuse Clearances
    • If you have them, add them! Some states, schools or employers require athletic trainers to have a background check or child abuse clearances. If you’ve already paid for these and completed the process, add them to your profile–it’s another peace of mind for Job Posters.


  3. Apply ASAP from the “Shifts in your Area” email
    • Every evening around 8pm ET, you receive an “Open Shifts in your Area” email from the Go4 team with the latest gigs near you. Utilize that email to apply quickly because Job Posters will often select the first qualified candidate that applies.


  4. Confirm when you get the push notification
    • Go4 operates on a double-confirmation system, meaning you have to confirm the gig after the Job Poster accepts your application. You’ll receive a push notification when you’re selected for a gig. Click that notification and confirm right away to lock in the job.


  5. Pick jobs you’re ready to work
    • Life happens. And so do decommits. But Job Posters will see how many times you’ve decommitted from shifts that start in a few days. Apply for jobs you are ready to work to minimize your cancellations and keep that pristine 0 as long as possible!


If you’re an AT looking to pick up a shift or two, complete the form below to start viewing per diem gigs near you!


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