We’ve Updated the Injury Documentation Tool
New Concussion Flow Drops in Go4 Injury Documentation Tool: an upgraded EMR flow to assess concussions directly from your app

Last week, we improved the only HIPPA-compliant, sideline injury documentation tool built into your Go4 app. After gathering feedback from thousands of athletic trainers, we’ve optimized the concussion flow to provide athletic trainers with a better concussion tool, right in their pocket. Check out 4 improvements to the EMR.

Whether you’re evaluating high school athletes, collegiate athletes, soldiers or industrial workers, evaluate head injuries with the new and improved Go4 EMR. We’ve included Red Flag Checklist, Symptom Checklist and Scoring System and VOMS assessments. Check out the details below on the upgraded EMR concussion flow.

Red Flag Screen:

Kicking off the new concussion flow is a “RED FLAGS” screen. This screen is a reminder to highlight the obvious indicators of head trauma and a likely concussion. If your patient is exhibiting any of the Red Flag symptoms, consider emergency transport to the nearest hospital.

Symptoms Checklist: 

Next in the flow, a detailed symptoms checklist from the latest SCAT 6. Athletic Trainers can evaluate patients on a scale of 0-6 for various symptoms, with the totals being added up constantly throughout the flow. Take out the math, stay focused on the patient and allow the EMR to assist in the eval.

VOMS Assessment:

The Vestibular Ocular Motor Screening assessment is a safe and effective way to screen for ocular dysfunction after head trauma. These evaluations should be performed 48-72 hours after concussion when the body is ready to accept rehab. Each VOMS Evaluation comes with simple instructions and details on the assessment, in case you need a refresher. 

Downloadable EMR:

As one of the most requested features, your evaluation is now available as a downloadable PDF report. This includes the updated concussion flow, and allows you to send the patient, parent, or next clinician in-line your evaluation for continuity of care.

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