WILMINGTON, Mass. — 3STEP Sports, the largest youth sport event and club operator in the nation, and Go4, an industry leading athletic training services provider, have renewed their successful partnership reaffirming their commitment to providing a premier sports experience. Go4 will continue to connect 3STEP Sports coaches, tournament directors, leagues and camps directly with on-demand athletic trainers. In addition, athletic trainers working with 3STEP sports through the platform will document all injuries and medical events with the Go4 platform. Launched in December of 2020, the Go4EMR is the first HIPAA compliant sideline system that is only accessible by medical professionals to document injuries and provide a report to the patient, the parent and the next in line care. The collective, de-identified data can be aggregated to help drive advocacy, policy changes and research.

Built on the premise that an athletic trainer should be working on every sideline, everywhere, the Go4 platform streamlines the process of finding and hiring per diem athletic trainers while providing opportunities for ATs to network, gain experience in new settings, and supplement their full-time position. 3STEP Sports operates more than 2,500 events and thousands of clubs for youth athletes spanning 41 states and across eight sports: baseball, basketball, field hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, softball and volleyball.

In the first year of the partnership, Go4 provided athletic training services across 3STEP Sports tournaments, clinics and camps, and will look to expand on the additional opportunities that the 3STEP event landscape provides across the country.

“The integration of the Go4 platform has been a fantastic addition to the 3STEP event ecosystem, streamlining an operational need for our event teams and ensuring we have athletic training services at our events. We look forward to continued success with the Go4 team,” said 3STEP Sports Chief Marketing Officer, Walker Jones. Jones continued, “The Go4 platform has allowed us to set a new standard for safety at our events. Go4 ensures we are prepared to provide immediate attention to athletes in the unfortunate situation when injuries arise.”

Go4 currently provides connectivity to over 15,000 athletic trainers, and that number continues to grow. More than 2500 event operators utilize Go4, and the platform has so far provided close to 200,000 hours of athletic training services. All Go4 users are members and certified by the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer. “The hope is that you never have to use the EAP, EMR, or AED–but we’re a team of athletic trainers, former athletes and coaches, so we understand the potential. ATs are the first line of defense in an emergency. We’re thrilled to extend our partnership with the nation’s leading youth sports operator knowing that 3STEP is advocating for safer events,” said K. Ellis F. Mair, VP of Medicine and Community at Go4.

About 3STEP Sports: 3STEP Sports has consolidated the youth sports industry to provide operators the ability to impact more athletes than ever in a unique and authentic way. The 3STEP reach spans 40+ states and currently serves more than 2.5 million athletes across eight sports. 3STEP is dedicated to delivering a premier, inspiring and authentic sport experience – focused on perfecting every aspect of the athlete funnel. Encompassing industry-leading tournaments, nationally spanning club programs, premier media content and more, 3STEP is the standard of the youth sports experience. To learn more about 3STEP Sports and the company’s lineup of events, clubs, media and content platforms, team apparel services and more, visit threeestep.com.

About Go4: The mission of Go4 is to protect athletes everywhere by making it possible to get Athletic Trainers on every sideline, everywhere. The Go4 platform connects Athletic Trainers with teams and organizations that need Athletic Trainers for games, practices, camps and tournaments. Athletic Trainers set up a profile; including licensure, credentials and proof of liability insurance. Event operators post work opportunities, set their own pay rates and the platform handles all the paperwork. For more information visit go4.io

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