Go4Ellis, an app-based platform that connects health care systems, companies and organizations with on-demand per diem athletic trainers, has partnered with 15 Minute Response to supply medical personnel for rapid COVID-19 testing sites operating in the greater Philadelphia area and for planned expansion sites nationwide which include immediate sites in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee and Washington state.

In conjunction with the COVID-19 vaccine, fast and accurate testing will be a crucial component in the US response to the pandemic throughout 2021. To mitigate outbreaks in unvaccinated populations, people who are infected need to be notified quickly—immediately, if possible—to prevent unknowingly spreading the virus.

However, with health care systems at capacity and stressed to the point of breaking, wait times for COVID-19 test results can stretch beyond three days; putting people at risk and making contract tracing almost impossible. 

In response to this critical, national need, Brian Harrington developed 15 Minute Response, a drive through / rapid antigen and antibody testing system.

At 15 Minute Response sites, patients do not have to make an appointment. They are able to drive up and register for a test from their cars. The tests are self-administered and results are delivered within 15 minutes to the patient’s smart phone with an industry leading accuracy of over 97% for rapid results.

While the test is self-administered, it is best overseen by a medical professional to ensure the most accurate results possible.

But with every medical professional seemingly pulling double and triple shifts, the challenge facing Harrington was finding enough qualified candidates to staff and manage his sites in operation and the massive number of sites that were coming online.

That’s when he turned to Go4Ellis, a nationwide on-demand platform for finding and hiring certified athletic trainers.

“Having been a college Division I athlete, I was well aware of the training and experience that AT’s bring to the table,” said Harrington. “They are smart, well trained and hard-working, and we quickly learned that AT’s were qualified, capable and willing to join the fight against COVID-19 on the front lines. We are extremely excited to partner with Go4Ellis and the AT community to do our part to end this pandemic and help get America back on track.”

Recognized by the American Medical Association as an allied health care profession, an athletic trainer’s relevant skill set and training includes triage, documenting patient histories, clinical diagnosis, and patient education.

Go4Ellis also had experience in handling COVID-19 related assignments. 

From the beginning of the pandemic, the athletic trainers on the Go4Ellis platform have shifted from covering sporting events to managing and executing COVID-19 mitigation operations at urgent cares, food production facilities and distribution centers. Go4Ellis also partnered with NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest public health care system in the United States, to staff COVID-19 step-down units for patients recovering from COVID-19.

And with over eleven thousand athletic trainers on the Go4Ellis platform across the country, Harrington will be able to meet his ambitious expansion goals for 15 Minute Response by activating a national workforce of medical professionals from a central system instead of burning precious time searching and dealing with a random assortment of local and regional staffing agencies.

“Over the past 9 months, athletic trainers on Go4Ellis have been working on the front lines supporting the efforts to end the pandemic. The opportunity to partner with 15 Minute Response not only contributes to this effort but has the potential to create thousands of jobs for athletic trainers all over the country. The pandemic has demonstrated why athletic trainers are so important in our healthcare system,” remarked Andy Hayes, CEO of Go4Ellis.

Athletic trainers are most often seen in a moment of crisis. When a player gets hurt, they are the first ones who run onto the field. The COVID-19 pandemic is another such moment. The partnership with 15 Minute Response has presented an opportunity for athletic trainers to ‘run onto the field’, showcase their medical expertise and their ability to handle a crisis.  

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