Celebrate Athletic Trainer Month

March is National Athletic Trainer Month! It’s that extra-special time of year where we recognize our favorite athletic trainers and show a little extra appreciation for those hustlin’, humble humans who help your wobbly wheel, protect your noggin’ and save lives all in the span of a normal (16hr) work day.

“But how should we recognize our Athletic Trainer!?”

Easy–go straight to the source. Coming at you directly from the Go4 ATs, here are 10 Ways to Appreciate Your Athletic Trainer during National Athletic Trainer Month.

1) Create a Thank You Video 

Get together coaches, athletes, administrators, parents, etc. and have them each share a few words of thanks for the glue that holds it all together. Post to social media or just share it privately with them for a creative way to show your appreciation.

2) Give a Personalized Gift

Customized coffee mugs, water bottles, kit patches, some of their favorite snacks and T-shirts can be a fun way to show that you know your AT and what makes them unique. 

3) Share Your Team Schedule and any Changes as far in Advance as Possible

It may sound trivial, but chances are your AT is juggling a multitude of tasks each day/week/month, so having a schedule they can confidently plan around is a game changer!

4) Stop by and Say Hello

Take them a cup of coffee, grab them lunch, check in on them and see if there is anything they need. Caffeine and food is always appreciated as an AT, but just taking time to see us in our element, ask how we’re doing, and understand our day to day tasks can mean a great deal.

5) GEAR!

I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a sweet team issued quarter zip, hoodie, t-shirt, or (if you really want to get in their good graces) pair of shoes!?

It shows that you value them as a member of the team and the work that they put in.

6) Make a Donation to a Cause Important to Them

Is there a charity or cause that is near and dear to your ATs heart? Consider making a donation in their name. It lets them know that you are listening and care about what is important to them.

7) Give a Gift Card

This is a great way to make sure they have something to enjoy outside of work. Consider giving a gift card to a local restaurant, store, or other establishment that they would enjoy to express gratitude for their hard work and dedication. 

8) A Simple Thank You Note

A short, handwritten note of thanks is an underrated way to let your athletic trainer know that you appreciate all of their efforts throughout the year. It means more than you think and I bet it ends up displayed on their desk or a bulletin board above it!

9) Lend a Helping Hand

Walk by the athletic training room on your way out to practice and ask if you can help carry anything. A water cooler, ice chest, kit, splints, crutches, etc. Even if they say no (because we are not great at asking for/accepting help) the gesture means a lot. 

10) Give them a Shout Out 

Call them by name during pre-game announcements, or list them in the game program with their credentials. Athletic trainers don’t always love being in the spotlight, but a little public recognition is a sure fire way to let them know they’re valued and appreciated!

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