We chatted with a bunch of Athletic Trainers to get the inside scoop on what it is like to work a rugby match or practice. You know, the sport that doesn’t stop for things like blood or broken fingers. So here are 10 things to keep in mind next time you get the chance to work a rugby shift on Go4Ellis.

10 Nuggets to Know About Working A Rugby Match
  1. It is perfectly normal for them to stay down in the fetal position after getting tackled. They (usually) pop right up.

  2. It’s going to get bloody . . . have gauze handy.

  3. Always watch the scrum, it’s the source of most injuries.

  4. Bring electrical tape for the line outs. And ears.

  5. Never take your eyes off the play if you’re on the field – Rugby doesn’t stop for medical.

  6. They’ll get up and play after hits that would keep padded football players down.

  7. You don’t have to wait to be called onto the field for an injured player–just go!

  8. Keep your head on a swivel and scream “SIR!” if you need stoppage of play for a major injury.

  9. Players will sometimes just run over to the sideline while staying on the field to be treated so they don’t lose a sub.

  10. There is actually a blood sub if someone is bleeding a lot and it can’t be controlled quickly.

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