On 11/17/2019, we hit a pretty big milestone:
One million dollars paid to Athletic Trainers through the platform. 
As in, since we flipped the switch on in January of 2017, Athletic Trainers have collectively earned one million dollars through the Go4 platform.
It was pretty slow going that first year. (Actually, really slow.) There was a lot of trial and a lot of error. We were trying to do something that hadn’t been done before in Athletic Training; making Athletic Trainers and Athletic Training services accessible to, literally, everyone/anyone, everywhere/anywhere. 
But we started finding our way.  We made improvements, hired people, made calls, went to a bunch of conferences, bought a few rounds, etc. 
Basically, we hustled. 
And then you hustled. (You really, really hustled.)
And not that the money is important, but it’s important. 
It’s a tangible way to measure if what we set out to accomplish is working. 
If what we are doing matters. 
Our initial concept was that if we made hiring per diem Athletic Trainers easy and efficient, more people and organizations would hire them for games, practices, camps, clinics and tournaments. 
One million dollars paid to Athletic Trainers is proof of that concept. 
That this thing might actually work. 
By making Athletic Trainers accessible, together, we are expanding care. We are getting shifts posted on the platform by organizations that have never hired Athletic Trainers before. And organizations that have struggled in the past to hire Athletic Trainers, are now hiring more Athletic Trainers. 
One million says that these organizations see the value in Athletic Trainers. That they take player safety seriously and are willing to invest in it. 
And speaking of investment—just so you know—we have spent close to that developing and executing this platform. 
(Not that money is important, but it’s important…)
We have also spent nights, weekends and holidays.
We have spent time. 
We want to get this right. 
What we are doing, together, matters. For athletes, for Athletic Trainers and for the profession. 
So what’s next? New features, upgrades and updates. Hiring more staff. Making more calls. Going to more conferences. And buying more rounds.
Basically, we—you/us—are going to keep hustling.
We are committed to helping get that next Athletic Trainer get on that next sideline.
Because we weren’t founded on a spreadsheet, we were founded on a mission. 

Every sideline. Everywhere.

Need an athletic trainer? Go4Ellis is a nationwide app/platform that connects teams and organizations with per diem athletic trainers for games, practices, camps, clinics and tournaments.

For more information, or to find and hire an athletic trainer, visit go4ellis.com.

If you’re an AT looking to pick up a shift or two, click the links below to download the app.


Go4Ellis is the preferred per diem platform of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

Every sideline. Everywhere.