The coronavirus is about to massively stress, and potentially break, our national healthcare system. 

Athletic Trainers can prevent that. 

Athletic Trainers have the background, skillset and mindset to take action and do their part part in defending our country against this virus. 

There are already Athletic Trainers out there on the frontlines, screening patients and supporting the COVID-19 response.

In conjunction with the NATA, we are working on getting more—a lot more—Athletic Trainers in the field to actively help combat this pandemic.
We have been in talks with several state and local health departments, urgent care clinics and hospital systems to show them how they can activate the thousands of Athletic Trainers on the Go4 platform. 
The NATA has been tirelessly working their contacts and calling legislators, lobbyists, hospitals, urgent care centers and healthcare systems to layout how Athletic Trainers can be part of the national solution to this epidemic.

There are 60,000 Athletic Trainers in this country ready to get involved.
What you can do:

If you have an account, make sure that your account is up to date. If you don’t have an account, sign up. Because when things happen, they are going to happen fast. 

Contact your local legislators, hospitals, urgent cares, healthcare systems and tell them that Athletic Trainers can help.  If appropriate, connect us with them and we will get them set up and ready to roll. Here is a link to the one-sheet that we are sharing with healthcare systems and health departments: Go4-Athletic Trainer 1S.

This truly is the time for Action in Health Care

Be safe. Be strong. We got this. All of us together. 

1. Athletic Trainers are healthcare professionals recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA). 

2. ATs move patients more effectively and efficiently through the appointment, evaluation and treatment process.

3. ATs healthcare skillset and training include: triage, taking patient histories, clinical diagnosis, performing evaluations, and patient education.

4. ATs can administer invasive and non-invasive diagnostic tests such as rapid strep, rapid flu and COVID-19 tests.

5. Working on sidelines where an injury is always just one play away, ATs are used to handling crisis and chaos.

Go4Ellis is a nationwide app/platform that connects teams, organizations and healthcare systems with per diem athletic trainers.

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