Searching for a new gig? Ready to work for yourself and focus on athletic training instead of referrals? You can now do that with travel athletic training jobs from Go4. Better pay. Better benefits.

Pack your fanny pack and go!

What Makes Go4 Travel AT Jobs Different?

If you’ve updated the Go4 app recently, you know the job feed has a whole new look. Right next to the per diem gigs that help pay for weddings, homes, motorcycle payments and vacation (yes, all real items that real Go4 ATs spend their per diem earnings on), you will find “TRAVEL”.

These contract positions are the Travel AT jobs that we’ve been raving about since the NATA convention.

Why? Because we think they’re valuable for athletic trainers and the profession as a whole. For young athletic trainers, retired athletic trainers, or athletic trainers looking to shake things up a bit, these jobs offer you a unique position for this school year. 

But what makes these jobs any different from a contract job with, say, a hospital or a PT Clinic?

Glad you asked.

You’re backed up by actual athletic trainers, who have been in your shoes. 

Beth Jones has lived the secondary school athletic trainer life working in the famously-sport focused MIAA in Maryland. She’s had to write EAPs, save lives, treat patients, deal with athletic directors and coaches, have tough conversations with parents, and of course, work with student-athletes. At Go4, she leads our Travel AT program as an advisor, resource, and confidant who meets with every AT throughout the year. 

You’ve also got K. Ellis F. Mair, who literally started a nationwide athletic trainer company after spending years at the secondary school and Division I levels. She is also the first (that we know of) athletic trainer to be hired at a professional youth sports operator that ran tournaments, camps, clinics, clubs and showcases for multiple sports throughout the year . . . all over the country. She wrote procedures and processes for every event, created EAPs, helped build an EMR, hired athletic trainers for every event, met with every state representative she could and continues to work with collegiate program directors and the CAATE. She is the real deal and you’ve got her in your corner!

This is not a clinic hiring you to work obscene hours and generate patient leads. Go4 is a company built to support athletic trainers, and stands with you every step of the way.


Starting hourly rates for contract jobs range from $46-$60/hr with time and a half for overtime if you end up working more than 40 hours in a week. That creates an annualized salary above the high-end recommendations from the NATA and significantly higher than what you’ll find on Indeed or Glassdoor. 

Here’s some annualized salaries from last year: 

$ 109,666.11  // $ 109,350.00 // $ 107,280.00

Plus since there aren’t clinic hours, you have extra hours to work or pursue something else too. 

Like your DAT.

Interested in furthering your career? You can literally work towards your Doctorate in Athletic Training while you are working at your Travel position. Go4 ATs working a contract job receive in-state tuition, plus another 15% off at Indiana State University. The team there will help get your transcripts and application processed ASAP. We’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars off your tuition. Did we mention it’s online? Check out the details here

And finally, the other benefits flat out beat what you’re used to.

Athletic trainers who pick up a Travel position get a relocation stipend, reimbursement for licensure, and receive a subscription for continuing education credits to keep your certification up-to-date. Oh, and in case this applies to you, we’re also offering tax-free student loan repayment assistance. Just ask Beth about it. 

The highest hourly rates in the country; full-time support from experienced athletic trainers so that you’re not left on an island; perks that actually make a difference for your piggy bank.

This is not your typical company, or your typical job. View the open positions in the app, now.

Pack your fanny pack and go!

Being a contract Athletic Trainer allowed me to find unique jobs to grow and build relationships through these opportunities. Not only did I appreciate the flexibility of the work schedule, but leadership was there to guide us through the process.”

– Allen Swadley MS ATC

“I really liked the freedom of having a job that I could use as a starting point when I moved to a new area. I didn’t have to go through a lot of meetings or any trainings or online learning modules for the job. I worked for a good company so there was a lot of autonomy which I liked. The pay was very good, it made me feel well compensated. It helped me build relationships in the area to find something more permanent.”

– Janine Greco, ATC