In the COVID-19 environment, we believe athletic trainers will be vital to the re-opening of our country. As our youth sports per diem work has largely been put on pause, Go4Ellis has posted thousands of shifts in the manufacturing, food processing, construction, and healthcare sectors.These segments present new challenges and opportunities for athletic trainers and has forced our platform to adapt and evolve. Part of that evolution was the realization to better serve our clients and our members, was the need to expand and build our medical leadership in both thought, practical application and execution. And we have one the best medical leaders in the business. Since her days as the Director of Health and Participant Safety at NXTsports, Ellis has been a leader in all aspects of safety, liability, and emergency protocols and a champion of athletic trainers and their value as medical professionals.In her new role as Chief Medical Officer, Ellis is charged with providing leadership and direction for the Go4Ellis platform and its users to provide excellent patient care. Her focus will be on using patient centered medicine, evidence-based practices and quality improvement metrics to align the business and clinical objectives of the company. She will also oversee the relationship with the NATA, state associations, and onboarding of athletic trainers on the platform. In addition, Ellis will create resources for both athletic trainers and event operators to help them make data driven decisions and maintain safe environments. This will be even more important in the coming months as businesses, sports operators, factories, and health organizations plan and prepare for the COVID-19 world and crucial in our continued mission of Every Sideline, Everywhere.

Need an athletic trainer? Go4Ellis is a nationwide app/platform that connects teams and organizations with per diem athletic trainers for games, practices, camps, clinics and tournaments.

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Go4Ellis is the preferred per diem platform of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

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