Your Wrap Up for June
<<Here’s your Wrap Up for June.

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Ellis Mair, ATC
Go4 Co-founder & VP of Community
Grateful! After thinking about the past week I got to spend in Indy at the NATA Conference, “grateful” is absolutely the best way to describe how I am feeling. We had a wonderful week both on and off the floor and I can’t thank everyone enough for taking time out of your busy schedules to spend time with my team and me at the Go4 booth, in meetings, at alumni events, or even sharing a meal with us. Spending in-person time with all of you amazing athletic trainers means more to us than you probably will ever realize.

I think one of our biggest accomplishments in Indy was introducing all of you to our new Head of Product, Ryan MacKnight. As you know by now, we are deeply committed to evolving our platform to better serve our community of athletic trainers and Ryan has taken all of the feedback you gave and is working on the Go4 Product Roadmap. So mark your calendars for next month’s newsletter because I’ve asked Ryan to give you the inside scoop on what’s up next at Go4. Are you having a little FOMO right now? Do you want to share feedback too? It’s okay–we are still collecting feedback here! We want to hear it all–the good and the bad, the simple fixes and the crazy ideas, give it to us straight! We love collaborating with our community of athletic trainers!

Finally, I want to give special thanks to the AATE Research Network for inviting me to help brainstorm their future plans; to Boston University Athletic Training Services for reuniting me with my BU Family; and to Indiana State University for taking our team in as honorary Sycamores (more exciting news from Go4 & ISU next month too!).

I hope you have a wonderful month ahead and enjoy the Wrap Up for June!”

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The Spotlight

Steve Taylor works in a very unique setting as an athletic trainer, the DC Fire Emergency Medical Services Department. Find out in this month’s Spotlight what a day in life is like for Steve as he gets the honor to provide healthcare to firefighters in his community.

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