Jaxon Sasala shares his experience with Go4

Jaxon Sasala secures new job through Go4

Go4 helps you make connections. And not just with a per diem shift or a tool to document. Go4 is about connecting you with information, resources, and opportunities to help you dictate your next move.

Jaxon Sasala’s recent experience demonstrates just how important those connections can be. After spending the first five years of his career in the hospital environment, he used Go4 to test the waters on different settings. In his first year on the app, he realized how much he missed working the sideline and interacting with fellow ATs. After crushing multiple per diem gigs for the same school, the administration quickly grasped the necessity of a full-time, highly-skilled medical provider on staff–and approached him with a job offer. Now that is what we love to see. Checkout his spotlight below:

When did you start using Go4
I actually found the app by accident. I was looking around for different ways to earn extra money as an AT after I got engaged last year and stumbled upon the Go4 app. I have worked in a hospital setting since graduating in 2014 and wanted to start utilizing more of my skills again. Go4 provided me with all of those things.  

What was your biggest barrier to getting started?
I would say getting the money together for liability insurance. Always working under the hospital’s umbrella, PLI was never anything I took the time to look into. Once I had that, the rest was easy.

What has been the best part of finding the app?
Honestly I had no idea how much I missed the more traditional AT setting until I started working it again. Now I have worked flag football, lacrosse, rugby, and everything in between. I was also helping out at some of the secondary schools around here and one of them just recently offered me a job! So I will be starting there in a couple weeks.

That’s great! How did those conversations get started?
They actually approached me about it. Because of COVID, many schools were posting single shifts on the app while trying to hire an AT part time. The more that ATs were in there, these schools started to see the value in what we do and decided they needed somebody in there full time. Because I was helping out so much with these shifts, they started talking to me about what these positions should look like and the discussions progressed from there. 

What is your favorite part of the app
I think the most underrated thing about the app is the networking component.
The amount of people I have met and the relationships I have forged in less than a year have allowed me to be confident enough to leave a job that I am comfortable and secure in for an amazing opportunity. I never would have found that if I wasn’t working on the app.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to pick up shifts?
The most important thing is to communicate with the job posters and other ATs working the event. 
Opening those lines of communication will not only help ensure a smooth event, but you never know what doors that can open for you in the future.

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