How to use the finance tab in your Go4 dashboard

Whether it’s an individual job, a quarterly review, or reporting for tax season, Go4 makes it easy to review your financial activity on the platform.

If you’re like the majority of Go4 users, you post multiple shifts across different events throughout the year. The finances section of the platform allows you to aggregate, filter and export your jobs and transactions. 

This is a quick guide on how to use the finance tab on your Go4 dashboard.

Getting Started

After logging into your Go4 account, click “FINANCES” in the top right corner.

Showing where the Finance tab is on Go4

What will I see in the FINANCES tab?

In your finance tab, you will see a detailed layout of all your jobs that have transacted on the platform.

Within each job, you will have a breakdown of the shift details, how many athletic trainers or registered nurses were hired, the date of the last payment issued, and the total payment made. This also includes any shift modifications made during the event. 

Bonus! You will also find a “duplicate event” button that allows you to quickly post a recurring event such as tennis practice or weekly clinical shifts. 

Full finance tab in Go4 dashboard where you can filter by event code

The filter Tool / How to find details on a single event

It you want to find the details of a single event, a single shift, check the rate that you paid last year or how many athletic trainers you hired for a recent tournament, use the FILTER tool. 

The filter tool is allows you to filter your financial activity in a variety of ways. You can search for the event by name, start and end date, setting, sport, healthcare professional type and more. 

Bonus! During the event creation steps, you can add a unique “Event Code” that will only appear in your finance report and is searchable with the filters tool. This allows you to easily group events like tournaments, practices, over-night shifts, league games, etc. 


Located directly next to the filter button, you will find the “EXPORT” tool.

Without any filters applied, you will receive an email with an export of all your jobs that occurred within the past year. Use the filter tool first if you only want to download a specific set of jobs or financial activity. 

The export will be sent via email to the account holder and anyone that is added to the finance email section of your account’s profile. That way, you can make sure you and your accounting team receive the export. See the screenshot below.


This is where you can add additional emails to the finance export
click here to add more colleagues to the finance export

How to use the finance tab in your Go4 dashboard

That’s all there is to it! For more helpful tips on how to use Go4’s platform, visit the help center. And you can always email us with questions at