Go4 AT Profile: Jonathan Cartwright

May 21, 2018

Name: Jonathan Cartwright Nickname: Jon Hometown: Philadelphia Current Town: Philadelphia On Go4Ellis since: March 2017 Alma Mater: West Chester University. University of Flor...

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What’s It Like Being an Athletic Trainer?

May 13, 2018

What’s It Like Being an Athletic Trainer? Athletic trainers are professionals who specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries. Where Do Athletic Trainers Work? Athletic tra...

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Presidents Taping Ankles

May 2, 2018

The Go4Ellis team has spent the Spring hitting District Conferences across the country and meeting with State athletic trainer leaders.  It’s important to us that state leaders understand and s...

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What is an Emergency Action Plan and Why You Should Have One

Apr 26, 2018

An emergency action plan or EAP is a document that prepares event operators and athletic trainers to handle emergency situations that may arise during an event. Emergency action plans should be review...

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What Are Child Abuse Clearances?

Apr 25, 2018

Child abuse laws are pieces of legislation that are aimed at protecting children from child abuse. These clearances can include national and state criminal history records, child abuse databases, FBI...

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What’s In The Bag?

Apr 23, 2018

Athletic Trainers roll into practices, games, tournaments and events ready for action with a big bag loaded with supplies. Like Batman’s utility belt, the AT’s bag contains the goodies and gadgets...

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ATs vs. EMTs / What’s the difference?

Apr 18, 2018

Hankering to know the difference between Athletic Trainers and EMTs? But only if that hankering can be satiated in chart form? Well, partner, we’ve got you covered. Check out our fancy chart:...

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What to get the head part of your face for Facial Protection Month

Apr 17, 2018

Want to treat the head part of your face to something nice this Facial Protection Month? The answer is a helmet. Bow it up and put it on. Happy Facial Protection Month, everyone....

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Facial Protection Month Gift Ideas: Le Mouthguard

Apr 11, 2018

Nothing says happy facial protection month like a mouthguard! For guys and for gals! Mouthguards! #facialprotectionmonth #giftideas...

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Apr 4, 2018

HAPPY FACIAL PROTECTION MONTH! It’s finally here! Facial Protection Month! Who’s excited? Your face! That’s who! And when you need to protect your face, and more than your face, you can find a w...

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