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Case Study

What Happens if the Hospital Terminates Your Contract?

Life Christian Academy


Life Christian Academy is located in Tacoma, WA and was founded in 1973 as a preschool and kindergarten within the Life Center Church. By the end of the century, the school was home to K-12 students, and continues to expand their offerings and facilities.

The Life Christian Academy Eagles compete in over 20 boys and girls Varsity sports including Cheer, Football, Volleyball, Wrestling, Golf and Baseball.


The principal challenge facing Life Christian Academy was the local hospital terminating their athletic trainer contract just weeks before the 2022-2023 school year. This inevitably led to a lack of available athletic trainers to work at their practices and games. This created an unsafe and risky environment for participants and school staff.

Access to healthcare is essential to avoid an increased risk of injury and provide treatment for existing injuries. Athletic Trainers also navigate weather, weather-related illnesses and provide a better participant experience.

The traditional model of hospitals staffing athletic trainers crumbled by 2022, as thousands of athletic trainers were let go by those institutions during the COVID19 pandemic. Consequently, athletic trainers refused to return to a low-pay, high-hour environment that abandoned them.


The Go4 on-demand Athletic Trainer staffing platform.
Over 20,000 athletic trainers make up the Go4 community. Life Christian Academy was able to post their full practice and game schedule on the app, for free, broadcasting their need to the largest network of athletic trainers searching for per diem work.

Every athletic trainer on the Go4 platform uploads their credentials including their state license, national certification and proof of liability insurance making it easy to select a qualified candidate for Life Christian Academy.

With over 25 years of athletic training experience on the internal Go4 team, the turnkey solution removed the burden and pitfalls of finding and hiring an athletic trainer during the beginning of a busy school year

Athletics without an AT was not an option. Student-athletes without access to ATs are subject to increased injury risk, absenteeism for treating injuries, and elevated healthcare costs should they require additional services. Schools without adequate access to care open themselves up to higher liability risks and could face significant financial penalties.

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